Recording Modes in UFT!!!

Hello friends!!! I Hope you all have enjoyed recording explained in our previous article. Now let’s have a healthy discussion about what all types of recoding modes are available. But before that let’s discuss the need of different-2 types of recording modes. There are cases when we need to record […]

Record My first UFT Script!!!

Hello friends!!! I hope you all have installed QTP into your machine as i have explained in my previous articles and you must have become familiar with the it’s IDE. Now let’s start with our first script of UFT. We all are aware of that UFT does support recording as […]

How to install UFT 11.52???

As you all might have already heard that QTP 11.52 is in the market or rather i should say UFT 11.52 is in the market. Thus, in this tutorial, we would discuss and illustrate the installation of UFT 11.52 in detail. In order to make installation easier and simpler, we […]