Passwordless SSH between linux machines

Passwordless SSH (Secure Shell) between two machines is required by a lot of distributed frameworks. It creates a secure shell connection from the host machine to the remote machine without password prompt. Follow the steps below to configure Passwordless SSH between two linux machines. Prerequisites 1. Install Open SSH Server package on […]

Linux Overview

As a beginner, you should know about some basic details of Linux which are described well in this blog. Linux is an operating system such as Windows, Mac. This topic includes an introduction to Linux, a brief description of Linux kernel, various Linux versions which are used worldwide commercially or […]

Install My-Sql in Ubuntu

Install sudo apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client Set root user password for localhost sudo mysqladmin -u root -h localhost password ‘urpassword’ Set root user password for anyhost: sudo mysqladmin -u root -h hostname password ‘urpassword’ Open mysql shell mysql -u root -p Allow hosts(machines) to access mysql installed on other machine(login […]

Configure Static IP Address in Ubuntu

You can configure a network adapter of a machine to use a static IP address. To configure static IP address in Ubuntu, you need to edit the  /etc/network/interfaces file Open the file with Sudo Option sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces Assuming that the eth1 is the adapter for which static IP address is to be […]

Install Java in Linux

To install Java in Linux, refer the following instructions: 1. Download the 32bit or 64bit compressed binary “.tar.gz” file from here. 2. Create a system directory like /usr/lib/jvm  to install JDK and copy the tar file to the directory. sudo mkdir -p /usr/lib/jvm sudo mv jdk-7u3-linux-x64.tar.gz /usr/lib/jvm/   3. Change the present […]