How Combiner works in Hadoop MapReduce

Hadoop is a framework used for handling Big Data. It uses HDFS as the distributed storage mechanism and MapReduce as the parallel processing paradigm for data residing in HDFS. The key components of Mapreduce are Mapper and Reducer. When a MapReduce Job runs on a large dataset, Mappers generate large […]

Big Data – Hadoop Interview Questions

To crack an interview, it is must that your basic concepts about frameworks are pretty clear. On request of many of our students, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of questions to help you get through your Big Data – Hadoop interview. We’ve made sure that the most probable questions […]

Hadoop Single Node Installation

Pre-requisites Before starting with Hadoop single node installation, make sure that the node have the following pre-requisites: a)    Any Linux Operating system b)    Sun Java 1.6 or above should already be installed and the version should be same across all the nodes. To install Java, you can refer to the installation steps […]