Course Overview

Java is the language of choice for developing complex enterprise and consumer applications and the Java Virtual Machine is the choice of companies like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Oracle for deploying applications that scales to billions of users.

At ProtechSkills we are offering a beginner level course in Java with a highly tuned combination of java basics and industry skills that will give you a solid standing among java professions.

Course Objectives

With a gentle introduction to programming in Java, this course walks you through how to design an Object Oriented system in java. It covers the core Java libraries that are essential to perform basic tasks in java. Once the basics are covered, this course will teach you advanced topics like threading, concurrency, talking to a database with JDBC, etc. In the final section, you will be introduced to widely used industry tool Maven to building your java applications and some advanced libraries like Google Guava and JPA.

Also of note are the topics which this course does not cover. We have left out topics like AWT, Swing, Applets from this course as they are not often used in industry today as there are better alternative to them.

Our purpose is to make you job fit at the end of the training programme.

Who should go for this course?

This course is tailored for students and college graduates who want to learn Java to get into the IT industry. This course starts with the basics and assumes no prior programming experience. . It doesn’t matter which background (IT/CS, ECE, Mech ) you are coming from, at the completion of this course you will find yourself to be competent Java Programmer.

Course Duration
32-34 hours (2 Months Program – Weekend Only)

Course Structure

Introduction to Java
Introduction to JVM
Introduction to the Java Language
Introduction to Eclipse
Object Oriented Programming in Java
Assertions and Exception Handling in Java
Office Hours – Practice Session
Introduction to Java Core Libraries
String Processing
Java I/O and File Handling
Threads and Concurrency
Office Hours – Practice Session
Real world Java
Introduction to Maven
Introduction to Guava
Office Hours – Practice Session