Artificial Intelligence


Introduction Artificial Intelligence is a modernistic and rampantly developing technological domain that deals with the intelligent design of a system that emulates human intelligence. It is a beneficial technological asset to various higher-end enterprises in the IT industry for complex data analysis processes, efficient chat boxes, recommendation systems, etc. AI […]

Elasticsearch Tutorial

Elasticsearch Tutorial

Elasticsearch Tutorial   Getting Started with Elasticsearch Elasticsearch is an open-source, highly scalable, full-text search, and analytics engine. You can crawl through big volume of data rapidly with the help of Elasticsearch. Generally, it is used in applications where complex search is required. It is developed in Java and licensed […]

Integration of MAVEN project with SonarQube for Code Analysis

SonarQube + Maven SonarQube (previously known as Sonar) is an automatic code review tool to detect bugs, vulnerabilities, and code smells in your code. It can integrate with your existing workflow to enable continuous code inspection across your project branches and pull requests.   SonarQube is open-source for continuous inspection of […]