Prepare Node for Hadoop

Hadoop is a distributed processing framework with multiple nodes connected with each other through network. An administrator needs to prepare node for Hadoop, i.e. configure a node to be used as a part of Hadoop cluster.  This blog describes a list of prerequisites and how you can configure these prerequisites before using a node as […]

How to install UFT 11.52???

As you all might have already heard that QTP 11.52 is in the market or rather i should say UFT 11.52 is in the market. Thus, in this tutorial, we would discuss and illustrate the installation of UFT 11.52 in detail. In order to make installation easier and simpler, we […]

Configuring and Installing Selenium WebDriver

In this tutorial, we would study the configuration and installation of Selenium WebDriver on to our local system in 10 quick steps. Before initiating with the installation, I would like to take a moment to list the required softwares/installations to be in place before starting the WebDriver installation. Pre-requisites – JDK […]

Apache Pig Installation

Apache PIG is a data analytics framework in Hadoop ecosystem. It is a high-level platform for creating programs that run on Apache Hadoop. The language for this platform consists of a textual language called Pig Latin. Pig internally execute its Hadoop jobs in MapReduce. Pig’s infrastructure layer consists of a […]

Hive Metastore

Hive Metastore Introduction Hive Metastore is a central repository for Hive metadata. It has 2 components: A Service to which the Hive Driver connects to and queries for the database schema. A backing database to store the metadata. Currently Hive supports 5 backend databases: Derby, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle […]

Switching between multiple WebDriver instances

In this article, we would discuss about the scope of multiple driver instances and their usability perspective. We would understand the entire concept with the appropriate examples and code samples. By the term, “Multiple WebDriver Instances”, we mean to say that we create more than one Webdriver instances and launch […]

Build Hadoop-2.4.0 Source on windows and Configure in Eclipse

We can now build hadoop source version 2.4.0 on windows and configure it to use in eclipse. Follow the steps mentioned below to configure hadoop source on windows. Requisites 1. Download hadoop distribution hadoop-2.4.0-src.tar.gz from here. 2. 7-ZIP (Right click on any folder to check if it is already installed […]