Performance Testing Basics

We will begin this tutorial with a very basic question about Performance Testing. What is Performance Testing and its types? The software testing performed to determine the behavior of the application under test when subjected to Vuser load. The software testing / technical investigation done to determine or validate the […]

Double Clicking an element in Selenium WebDriver

In this tutorial, we will explain how to work with Actions Class for double clicking an element by taking a simple example. To do the same, we have created a Junit class. We will exploit the capabilities of WebDriver’s Actions Class in order to perform Double Click. Check out the […]

Recording Modes in UFT!!!

Hello friends!!! I Hope you all have enjoyed recording explained in our previous article. Now let’s have a healthy discussion about what all types of recoding modes are available. But before that let’s discuss the need of different-2 types of recording modes. There are cases when we need to record […]

Explicit and Implicit waits in Selenium WebDriver

Waits are an important aspect of Automation Testing. Consider a situation where there is a slow network connection or your application is facing a heavy traffic or your application takes a few seconds to load all the web elements in to DOM or frequent page loads. In all the mentioned […]

Record My first UFT Script!!!

Hello friends!!! I hope you all have installed QTP into your machine as i have explained in my previous articles and you must have become familiar with the it’s IDE. Now let’s start with our first script of UFT. We all are aware of that UFT does support recording as […]

How to launch Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari using Selenium WebDriver?

In this tutorial, we would discuss one of the very basic topics of automation testing. To be able to execute the desired automated test cases, the user is required to launch the web browser first. Thus in this tutorial, we would learn “How to launch Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and […]

Usage of contains () and starts-with () functions in Xpath

In the current tutorial, we would shed light on various functions that can be used to create Xpaths when we possess only the partial knowledge about the HTML attribute associated with the web element. Thus In this tutorial we would have a look at the “Usage of contains () and […]

How to close an alert window?

I have come across situations where I have to tackle with alert windows coming up on to my screen randomly i.e. when I am not sure of their occurring behavior. Thus, in this article, our major focus would remain on “How to close an alert window”. Lately, while developing a […]