Performance Testing Basics

We will begin this tutorial with a very basic question about Performance Testing. What is Performance Testing and its types? The software testing performed to determine the behavior of the application under test when subjected to Vuser load. The software testing / technical investigation done to determine or validate the […]

Double Clicking an element in Selenium WebDriver

In this tutorial, we will explain how to work with Actions Class for double clicking an element by taking a simple example. To do the same, we have created a Junit class. We will exploit the capabilities of WebDriver’s Actions Class in order to perform Double Click. Check out the […]

Model Binders

As promised, we are back with model binders. Model binders are one of the core feature(and powerful)  of MVC framework. Like everybody else, I switched from web forms to .Net MVC. It was very difficult for me to understand how .net framework binds all the values located at view […]