Course Overview

ASP.NET is Microsoft’s flagship technology for building highly interactive, highly scalable websites. Some of the largest websites hosted on the Internet were built with theASP.NET Framework, including Dell (, Stackoverflow (, and Microsoft ( If you need to build a highly interactive website that can scale to handle thousands of simultaneous users, then ASP.NET is the technology to use.

At ProTechSkills we are offering ASP.NET web-forms and Microsoft’s flagship technology for communication known as Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) with the all kinds of best practices followed across the industry while developing web based applications.

Course Objectives

With ProtechSkills , not only you will learn the basics of .net framework and programming but also, you will learn the advanced C# programming patterns such as LINQ which is used across the industry. Plus, we have WCF bonus for you which is most important technology to have in your knowledge arsenal. We’ll teach you how to integrate these two great technologies i.e. web forms and WCF together.

Our purpose is to make you job fit at the end of the training programme.

Who should go for this course?

Anyone who have the zeal of learning and looking to make career in Microsoft technologies. You can be a working professional, a college graduate. It doesn’t matter which background (IT/CS, ECE, and Mechanical) you are coming from. The course is structured in such a way that it will cover all the basics.

This course will be the kick start of your career in .net and Microsoft world.

Course Duration

32-34 hours (2 Months Program – Weekend Only)

Course Structure

Introduction to and web forms
Introduction to Web technology (Xhtml and CSS) and .net framework
Introduction to Visual Studio and C#
Object oriented programing and C#
Introduction to web forms File and Folder structure and Page Live cycle
Using simple controls and concept of View State
Using validation controls
Using Javascript validations
Introduction to SQL Server and basic’s of SQL , such as triggers, stored procedures and SQL Joins
Introduction to
Using Data Controls
State management in
Project Management
Working with Data Function class
Introduction to Linq programing , understanding Func Delegate and Action Delegate
Working with C# attributes and using it with Data  Function. Class
Working with N-Tier Architecture
WCF and web forms
Introduction to SOA
Introduction to web services and WCF basics
N-Tier Architecture with WCF